Ultimate fitness program to do in your hotel room

We all know that staying in shape while being on the road is very difficult: dinners with customers, junk food, no time…
Therefore, we are presenting here a time-effective training program to stay in shape (and burn dinners calories) from your hotel room.

This is a circuit program. You perform one series of each exercise then start the circuit again.
Number of circuits: 4
The first number is for beginners, second is for intermediary level

Push-ups – 10 reps / 25 reps
Abs crunches – 25 reps / 50 reps
Squat – 10 reps / 20 reps
Leg raises (abs) – 10 reps / 25 reps
Leg lunges – 10 reps per side / 25 reps per side

This workout should help you stay in shape without gym equipment. It is also a program that can be done in lesser time and from a hotel room. It is designed to be done before your business day, before dinner with your partners or after dinner (if you are not too tired and in good condition to do it).

Do not forget to make sure you have enough water in your hotel room (bottled water) or order more from reception. We also recommend that you use a spare towel to cover the floor for hygiene purpose.

In the next posts, we will be more specific about each exercise and show you some variations.

Pic: Cristian

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