As Export Managers (or CEOs), we spend a lot of our life on the road. I personally spend nearly 100 days per year out of the office.

During those days, packing any small accessory allowing me to improve my comfort is a plus. Amongst all the products I bought with that purpose in mind, there is one I cannot travel without anymore: my noise-canceling headphones.

This was the best investment I ever made as an Export Manager. During long hours at the airport or on a flight, it helps me focusing on my work or taking a nap. The noise-canceling technology gives me peace of mind when walking into the noisy crowd of the airport lines.

Even if you are not a music fan, this type of headphones will allow you to make calls in a better environment. For me, their very best advantage is helping me sleeping on the plane by decreasing a lot the noise from the airplane engines – I don’t even put music on!

Since I have those headphones I noticed being more relaxed and gaining precious hours of sleep before important meetings after landing on the ground.

So, what would be the brands to look for?
Bose, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Sony, Beats, AKG…

Which type?
I have to say that over-ear headphones are the best. Earbuds (In-ear headphones) are generally canceling less noise. From a personal point of view, they are also hurting me when I use them too much.

Which one do I own?
I have the Audio Technica ATH-ANC9. It is a very good deal for its price. It has 3 levels of noise-canceling: airplane, office, and study which gives you a better adjustment to your environment and a better feeling while the option is ON.

Unfortunately for that price you do not have Bluetooth connection. As I sometimes watch movies on the plane, I preferred wire headphones. It is sold with a traveling case, another wire and the stereo connection for airplanes.

Pic: Frank

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