In case your hotel does not have a gym, you can still do a decent workout by bringing with you these small gadgets in your luggage… and we are not talking about running shoes.

Push up bars

This is my favorite piece of equipment. It is simple, and you can easily assemble/disassemble it. It allows you to increase the range of motion when performing a push-up. By doing this, you will build more muscles and in a faster way. It slightly increases the difficulty of the exercise.

Jumping rope

Did you know that jumping ropes for an hour burns around 1074 calories? This activity is ranked number one calorie-burner activity alongside running at 8mph (according to BusinessInsider).
This is a simple workout you can accomplish everywhere and that is requiring very few pieces of equipment or very little knowledge of the surroundings of your hotel.
Make sure you adopt the right techniques in order to be efficient and to prevent any injuries.

Tip: order some that are adjustable and with ball bearings. They are a little bit more expensive, but they are much more comfortable.

Foldable gym/yoga mat

If you are looking to do your workout from your room, then it would be a good idea to buy a foldable gym mat so that you can do your abs exercises more comfortably. It is important that it folds and has the right size to fit your suitcase.

The secret ingredient? Pack a deck of 52 cards.

For longer workouts you can use a deck of cards to break the routine and bring in some fun. You have basically two ways of working with a deck of cards: you can plan your workout circuit (4 or 5 exercises for examples) and then the cards will only give you the number of reps you need to do. Or you can assign one exercise per suit inside the deck (hearts are abs, diamonds are pushups, spades are squats, … for example) then the card is giving the number of reps.

Shuffle the cards and start flipping them:

King = 13 or 25 reps
Queen = 12 or 20 reps
Jack = 11 or 15 reps
10 = 10 reps
9 = 9 reps
8 = 8 reps

4 = 4 reps
3 = 3 reps
2 = 2 reps
Ace = 1 or 14 or 30 reps

P.S.: be careful, in some countries playing cards are prohibited. Especially in some Muslim countries.

Need a little motivation? Listen to Ray Lewis of a deck of 52 cards changed his life:

Pic: Andy

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